Coffee Tables

Roger and Jacotte Capron - Nice 2001

Roger and Jacotte Capron – Nice 2001

Mr Capron was extremely influenced by the Japanese life style; coffee table are usually low.

Many of Roger Capron’s coffee tables are made with Garrigue and Herbier tiles which were a subset of the Garrigue tiles. These Garrigue tiles inspired a large series of side to dining tables, including wall covering. Many kitchen in the French Riviera have their walls covered with Garrigue tiles.

The handcrafted Garrigue tiles are produced by a technique in which real leaves were pressed into the clay and, during firing, disintegrated, leaving a finely detailed imprint. The leaves come from “La Garrigue”, a variety of vegetation indigenous to southeastern France only, where Roger Capron lived and worked for 60 years.

Herbier refers to the smaller leaves and are either outlined by an earthtone enamel (as they are on this table)or sometimes entirely covered by the earthtone enamel. Garrigue refers to larger leaves and are rarely outlined and never covered with solid enamel all over.

 For all the tables that have a dovetail frame, we can change the legs to match your desired height. Please keep in mind that the frames also have to have a similar look with the replacement legs. We do not paint the frame nor the legs. We apply an invisible sealer and a mat or satin varnish to protect the metal from rusting. We charge $160 for this service.