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Onyx, a semi-precious stone ranging in color from milky white to infinite shades of translucent grey, orange or yellow, is used most strikingly in the creation of unique decorative objects.

Because light adds a unique warm radiance and life to the colors and patterns of the stone, onyx – like alabaster – is frequently used to make a variety of lighting accessories, from accent to floor, wall and overhead pieces. While alabaster is very friable, onyx is a strong stone that can still be worked on to desired shape.

It is over generations that artisans in Mexico have refined the craft in extracting the stone; the expertise in choosing the best raw material; and the talent in using their onyx to create unique works of art.

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Bar Pendant Lamps

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Column Floor Lamp

Elegant white floor column with dark veins

Night Stand Cubes

Set of 2 white night stand lamps with dark veins

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