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Roger Capron

Capron is known for the use of colors. As a ceramist, the creation of the pigments and glazes was equally important as the form of the piece.

Roger Capron collaborated with his wife Jacotte, who was responsible for creating the pigments and glazes. She also assisted him with mixing colors giving recommendations for which colors to use and how they could blend together.

Capron used Raku, which is an ancient Japanese technique when pots are taken from the killn while they are still glowing red hot, they are then placed in a material that would be able to catch fire. This is to starve the pot of oxygen, which gives the glaze a wonderful variety of colors.

Pieces with no glaze on them take the oxygen from the clay itself, meaning some areas will have a matte black coloring. It’s an incredibly exciting technique, as there’s always the anticipation of how each piece may turn out with so many different variables.

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