A Work of Art
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Serge Mouille Lighting

A Work of Art
Our Collection

serge mouille


Guéridon introduced authentic Serge Mouille Re-edition Lighting to the U.S. market and remains the definitive source of these iconic examples of French Modernist design.

Serge Mouille Cocotte Desk Lamp Wm

Desk Lamps

Serge Mouille Large Totem Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps

Serge Mouille Spider Ceiling Lamp 7 Arms Wm2

Ceiling Lamps

Serge Mouille Rotating Sconce 1 Arm Msc R1

Rotating Sconces

Serge Mouille Spider Sconce 7 Arms (msc Sp7)

Spider Sconces

Serge Mouille Sconce Antony (msc Ant)

Small Sconces

michel buffet


Introducing the Nouvelle Edition floor lamp, sconce and desk lamp designs of French industrial designer Michel Buffet.

Buffet 55 002

Desk Lamp

Michel Buffet Floor Lamp Model B211 Detail

Floor Lamp

Img 9101 (2)


Dsc 2967 2
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